Your music brings a contact with our deepest essences, with our primordials forces. Very atmospherical. It creates gates to a world of dreams, a place where the imagination is the reality. Keep on creating. Please keep on building bridges for these complexes and misteriouses worlds you create. Forces, love and inspiration from Brasil BRAZIL :::::: COOL!! The Hendrix of the HARP! Your music is very unique - I almost compared you to Bjork, but you are even more experimental; way to go! USA texas :::::: I love your music! It reminds me a bit of Marianne Faithfull/Kate Bush. Great combination. SOUTH KOREA :::::: There is a very tribal feeling to your music, which is deeply compelling on a cellular level.... CANADA :::::: Outstanding and very impressiv musik. I made "AYAHUASQUEROS" to my profil song. It reminds me a bit to Kates Bushes "Jig of Life" from her album "Hounds of Love". Oh, I love that song. Go on with your great work !!!! GERMANY :::::: I find your music to be so mesmerizing... it's a pleasure to be here. you have a charismatic voice and your sound also intrigues me. Amm this music is xcelent for me... Your style is great!!!!! Congratulations:)))) Nice to meet you really!! in contact soon... Thanksssss... MEXICO :::::: Salut, belle musique entre tradition transe chamanique et classique (pour l'instrument) Normal que cela soit une harpiste qui fait ça, elle sort directement de Pythagore (quoique là il y a 9 cordes c ça ?) Qu'importe c'est une musique sans âge que tu nous porte, Merci ! FRANCE :::::: Magical voice!! Amazing music!! katajikenai YAN :::::: Beautiful music. Un saludo desde Madrid! SPAIN :::::: gracias a ti por tu musica, muy buen trabajo SPAIN :::::: Hey, Gracias por agregarme y por las flores. Me gustaron los efectos stereo. Keep on surfing! MEXICO :::::: Interesting music. I recollect Curve... JAPAN :::::: You music is very particular, I like it! ITALY :::::: Hi Elisabeth...your music is very nice...but I still think that you are a gangster :) ..just REAL mobster got this have ;) CROATIA :::::: GERMANY :::::: Your music is so psycedelic and etheral..the stereo effect on Temple bell is so tripping ! AWESOMELY COOL !! USA california :::::: a really original sound miss elisabeth!!! I love the electric harp- huge fan of a guy called Andreas Vollenwierder- do you know him? Lawrence FRANCE :::::: nice to meet u and ur music,great! ...ciao!...I've been to your website too to know you and your Music a bit better...a truly remarcable work!... ...congratulation!...experiments like yours should blossom more often... Keep in touch David compliments for the sounds! ITALY :::::: wild music ... thanks ... good vibes USA michigan :::::: great exceeding tracks GERMANY :::::: Great music and great sound! So original, I luv it! SWITZERLAND :::::: beautiful songs ciao da roma!!! ITALY :::::: i like your music, it's very special!!! GERMANY :::::: Aloha Elizabeth and thank you for including us in your circle of friends. Please accept our respects and a heartfelt "mahalo" to you for giving the world your beautiful sweet sounds. USA california :::::: your music it's very particular. ITALY :::::: i like your songs a bit mad at times, did you do the films? its all good. UK :::::: your music is nice!! keep in touch. JAPAN :::::: I love your music is deep...tell me if you come and play here. SPAIN :::::: Original Sound And Very Interesting Voice FRANCE :::::: Hello Elisabeth! All I can say is "Wow"! Truly awesome and unique music! Great to be friends here! CANADA :::::: THANK YOU FOR YOUR BLISSFUL TUNES! USA texas :::::: this stuff really freaks me out, i dig it!!!! USA illinois :::::: a chance to meet your tremendous music! POLAND :::::: Different...but good! USA georgia :::::: I like your music very much! POLAND :::::: Nice tunes, nice to hear something a bit different, really enjoyed listening UK :::::: !bellisima musica!good music! ITALY :::::: I love your music, it's very suggestive. ITALY :::::: WOW!! Brava Brava!!!! ITALY :::::: I am always hungry for strange and different that carry me off to new spheres... :-) SWITZERLAND :::::: Thank you - your music is hauntingly beautiful! USA georgia :::::: Hey thanks....your stuff is awesome? UK :::::: you have a very particular voice? ITALY :::::: oi Elisabeth, thank you! Your voice is wonderful. BRAZIL :::::: It's a pleasure to discover your music! Thank you. USA georgia :::::: Thank You! your voice is amazing! USA florida :::::: Your music is so nice!!! See you!! Greeting from Japan JAPAN :::::: love ya music u got a very orignal sound AUSTRALIA :::::: Very original and beautiful music!> FRANCE :::::: great sound ! keep it up, you're doing fine>BELGIUM:::::: Votre music are very spécial. FRANCE :::::: Your Songs are very special and fantastic.i like your Style GERMANY ::::::
Your music is fantastic! JAPAN :::::: Wow, Elisabeth! I am totally blown over by the uniqueness and quality of your music. I liken it to interpretive dance and physical theatre (both of which I am extremely fond of). Just as with those genres, your music must be experienced... passive listening is not sufficient, at least not for me. I'm so glad you sent me a Friend Request. This has been a wonderful introduction to your music. Robin CANADA :::::: excellent music. I will be listening.... /regards, DD SWEDEN :::::: I'm intrigued. UK :::::: your music sounds great. PORTUGAL :::::: your songs its very special. CANADA: ::::: lovely sounds you make!! peace and love. USA colorado :::::: great music you play... YUGOSLAVIA ::::: lovely stuff. Thanks a million! UK :::::: great music, and I never expected that from a harp... Please continue like that, I really enjoy it. BELGIUM :::::: Hi elisabeth! nice to know you and your music! i love her! SPAIN :::::: your music is wonderful!! JAPAN :::::: you have a great voice and very spacy singing. our kind. great music. GO PSYCHEDELIC :) ISRAEL :::::: Greetings from Acadia Canada, Elizabeth Valletti! Wow, I love your music and performances! Very creative! Killer harp playing and singing! Compliments to you! And thanks for your support for me as a creative multi-media artist! I'm honored! George Zoomar Red-wing Gould ::::: I enjoyed the harp,so interesting! GREECE :::::: Great sound, great voice. Let the good times roll, with the heaven in your soul. AUSTRIA :::::: I like your interesting music GERMANY :::::: Your music has something that I not quite understand, something unique, but... it's nice and interessting ;-) NETHERLAND :::::: Very interesting, different, new - well done - this is good work! UK :::::: Just listened to your tunes - really enjoyed them ,stimulating stuff,great sounds, interesting ideas - made me want to play, always a good sign . UK :::::: You have great voice! FINLAND :::::: Oh,how beautiful...Amazing sound. Keep it up..!! GREECE :::::: i really like your art -> inspiring, thank you!!! ANTARTICA :::::: Definitely look forward to all your creative, musical endeavors! USA florida :::::: love your work very inspiring FRANCE :::::: amazing beautiful songs. FRANCE :::::: U-R-ROCK'IN!!!!!- USA california :::::: Very amazing waves on your page, did not know electric harp would exist..! You manage to create a very special and single atmosphere. Bravo ! FRANCE :::::: Love your sound! Brilliant! Peace, XoLOVExO~~* FRANCE :::::: Incredible what you do with your Harp ! FRANCE :::::: Like the songs especially Ayahuasqueros UK :::::: love your music !. USA oregon :::::: Hello and thank you for introducing me to your music. I enjoyed listening! USA california :::::: You music is beautiful - :) USA florida :::::: Always very interesting the works coming from people who extract " something else " from what is expected of an instrument. That's the name of : Creativity. Thanks a lot for this discover BELGIUM :::::: I am glad to meet you and your beautiful music ? Helmut GERMANY :::::: great voice! ITALY :::::: very cool singing PAKISTAN :::::: nice sound...i like!!!support&respect 2 U!!! hope to see you in live!!! =) CROATIA :::::: dig the tunes USA arizona :::::: really interesting and sweet voice.. URUGUAY :::::: good music very interesting ITALY :::::: GREAT VIBES ! AMAZING Univers!! FRANCE :::::: I like your music! Peace ITALY :::::: hi there, interesting stuff ... AUSTRIA :::::: I like the music! GERMANY :::::: it's experience! SPAIN :::::: nice / atmospheric tunes here RUSSIA :::::: keep doing ya thing on the music unique sound USA georgia :::::: I like your tracks .. very beautifull voice and sound... ITALY :::::: Very interesting music! CANADA :::::: your voice! UK :::::: Thank You For The Music, Very Special! I Like It ? FINLAND :::::: You Are Unique!!! Good Life and Good Music!!! by Luigi Cuccitto ITALY :::::: Your a true creative musical individual,Thank you for sharing your music with me, Steve. AUSTRALIA :::::: Great vocals and songs...I like the processing of your "stratocaster" harp...original!! USA california :::::: your music is awseome. BRILLLLLIANT USA kansas :::::: Very original and interesting production. Roberto ferri ITALY :::::: ~you're wonderful!! and, unique!~ USA california :::::: very neat work. thanks! USA new jersey :::::: I discover your music, and I love it so much it is fantastic. Tehos MONACO :::::: very experimental and new what you are doing. AUSTRIA :::::: nice music... unique... GREECE :::::: your page is wonderful...peace and love yeahhhh ITALY ::::::
I realy enjoy your songs, cool stuff... very special music. peace wolfgang! GERMANY :::::: No doubt,,, sick music... USA california :::::: It sounds almost like what me and my friends was playing in our younger days influenced by plenty of weed. The only difference is that you just sounds much better. Totally experienced ;-) DENMARK :::::: Your voice and sound are nice and interesting. Best wishes from Japan. JAPAN :::::: i like your world FRANCE :::::: thank you. this really reminds me of Dead Can Dance and Christian Death! a good trip nevertheless.. SINGAPORE ::::::'s a new world to me:) JAPAN :::::: Nice to meet your music!!! ITALY :::::: gracias por añadirnos, buena musica, buena voz .... salud y rocanrol SPAIN :::::: You are GREAT! I love your voice and style. Go!!!! ::: i luv your voice and "ayahuasqueros".. ARGENTINA :::::: I respect your music! JAPAN :::::: many thanks for give me the opportunity to know your music. It's absolutely great. ARGENTINA :::::: Sexy voice, and way to go for an artistic challenge! Sounds great. USA south carolina :::::: Sexy voice,good music guaooooooooooo COLOMBIA :::::: Nice songs here! Exotic and experimental... Your voice is good! JAPAN :::::: Coool sounds! peace* from jpn!! Lusrica JAPAN :::::: Very interesting music! GREECE :::::: wow whut great sounds you make!!!amazing psychedelic...i love this kind of sounds!!!!!lot respect ,keep on doin it!!!1greeetz from germany PAAACE!!!one love GERMANY :::::: fast lap,good pace keep it artistically GERMANY ::::: youre site is repectable, hope to see you live, GERMANY ::::: You have a great voice, very striking; reminds me of the first time I heard Kate Bush. UK :::::: Here, it's a great experience! "Temple bell " is my favourite. France :::::: I really like what I hear. Very good mood. NORWAY :::::: It is a real pleasure to have you within the circle of friends of Marea Alta on MYSPACE MUSIC. Congratulations on your creative musical work. J. Santiago Núñez USA georgia :::::: Wow! Thanx! HUNGARY :::::: very very nice! one of the best in myspace! ISRAEL :::::: great music-good to know you UK :::::: wow! great! I'm very glad to meet your music totally mind-blowing! ITALY :::::: It is so encouraging to hear really innovative music in a sea of sameness. Good on you my girl! Music is a deep cleansing agent. USA california :::::: I like your ideas and sounds. You explore well .. CANADA
:::::: thank you! beautiful music ITALY :::::: cool and imaginative compositions here, nice vocals also, good vibes etc. UK :::::: I like your music & your voice, seems like they are melting into one peace..! AUSTRIA :::::: i find your style very interesting!!! USA texas :::::: I really like your unique style!:) AUSTRALIA :::::: WOW, that..s what i have to say your music is just perfect. ARGENTINA :::::: Thanks so much for revealing your delightful music! PORTUGAL :::::: thought provoking sound - I look forward to future projects. USA tenessee Your music is definitely unique. I like it. USA maryland :::::: you've made a very interesting work with your instrument and voice. Compliments ITALY :::::: Your music sounds sounds great. I love people who experiment with new sounds and explore new ways. GERMANY :::::: thank god, not another typical myspace musician. i'm really tired of those boring sounds. but you really seem to have a good sense for music. i hope that you'll have an unique career! GERMANY :::::: Oh yes ! Wonderfull ! Sounds become from elsewhere, unique, very very original. I love it ! Thank's to you. One interesting idea is your stuff on stage with us !!! Keep the contact. FRANCE :::::: VERY BEAUTIFUL MUSIK!sounds fresh and new. ITALY :::::: I really liked your music. a great voice and a uniqe sound SWEDEN :::::: Nice music, I really like it. RUSSIAN FEDERATION :::::: Have just given your music a brief listening, and I am well impressed. I don't know much about the electric harp but I love the sound you are getting from it on your music. I will be coming back for many repeat listenings. Thank you once again and well done! UK :::::: what a unique sound, it really pulls you in. Missy USA wisconsin ::::::: made such a good music, congratulations. CHILI :::::: Great music ! MADAGASCAR :::::: WOW Elisabeth!! I'm honored. I really enjoyed your music. I heard everything carefully and watch all videos. I also was looking for more on your other sites, so, I can say it was an amazing experience of your excellent work. How impressive are all the amazing sounds you can get from your harp and voice. As I told you before. I'm honored to be here. Thanks again. And the best wishes from Brazil BRAZIL ::::::

I like it so so so so much please dont stop to put material, SWEDEN :::::: Your project is great. Portugal :::::: I like your music!! ITALY :::::: Fantastic!!! MUSIC!!!! USA california :::::: great musical experience ! France :::::: like the song 'temple...' BELGIUM :::::: cool music, great voice!!! GERMANY :::::: you're very talented... USA pennsylvania ::::: Your music is beautiful! USA ohio :::::: Thx for the invite to this interesting experience! GERMANY :::::: it is nice stuff , good sound ;) USA michigan :::::: A true pleasure! Really love yr music here - a place I'll come back to! Erk alors! (How very forward of me!) UK :::::: talk about creative/original... dope!!! USA :::::: Your music sounds grand! NETHERLAND :::::: your music really moves me. please keep it coming! INDONESIA :::::: You have a great sound! USA texas :::::: YOU are experienced ! your music is really moving me. Please keep on harping ! FRANCE :::::: I LOVE your unique sound and voice!! Well done!!! : ANTARTICA :::::: good music <3 FRANCE :::::: i am impressed , your music is deep, wild, and very helpful to reach .....feelings of power.... thank you..; keep in touch Elsa FRANCE :::::: got soul...... SWEDEN :::::: thank you for fantastisk music! I appreciate it! NORWAY :::::: great stuff here. IRELAND :::::: we really like your page USA Tokyo :::::: you deserve much more respect;-) best regards from berlin! GERMANY :::::: Your songs are brilliant. I hope to see you in Frankfurt!, MH GERMANY :::::: I like your songs. GREECE :::::: really great sound unique style I like it SLOVAKIA :::::: It's a pleasure to listen to your music Heloiza ::: SWEDEN :::::: i love your sound and am looking forward to hearing more of you! UK :::::: I like your unique sound very much. CANADA ::::::: I HOPE YOU COME IN ROME TO MAKE US LISTEN YOUR MUSIC!!! ITALY :::::: good tracks here! NETHERLAND :::::: Great Sound! GREECE :::::: GREAT SOUND! VERY INNOVATIVE! COOL VOICE! NORWAY :::::: Merci pour l invitation à me faie partager un si bel univers... France :::::: Your work is beautiful. Welcome to my highly creative and talented group of friends :) GRENADINE :::::: Very interesting sound and powerful music! France :::::: Good music, l like it. A new musical universe? FRANCE :::::: Your music is beautiful. CANADA :::::: it sounds good here ^^ FRANCE :::::: If you thought that I might appreciate your music -you were right, fascinating! Xx AUSTRALIA ::::: I have always enjoyed the melodic expressions of a harpist's music< USA :::::: your music is very quite unique, that's why I appreciate so much. CANADA :::::: I really like your musical style. USA california ::::::
4-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: WOW ME LIKE NETHERLAND :::::: very interesting music here!!!!! ITALY :::::: It's a privilege to listen your beautiful music. ITALY :::::: cool music. ITALY :::::: Good Lord!! Electric Harpist....who knew?? Totally Amazing Compositions!! Also we love your ethereal vocals. Would you like....come to DC and sit in with us some time? How about next week? Seriously. ======Glitchdoctor===== Washington, D.C. Altered States of America USA dc :::::: Fascinating music!!! I especially liked Temple Bell SWEDEN :::::: i love your tunes. GERMANY :::::: This music sounds great. Canada :::::: YOU'RE MAKING BRILLIANT SOUNDS! USA california :::::: Grazie per la tua bellissima musica ITALY :::::: Fantastic music and singing!:) Heloiza BRAZIL :::::: Great stuff!!! USA vermont :::::: An angelic voice, strange plants in a witchbrew of sounds. An easy drink you got there. NORWAY :::::: We should tour together. USA california :::::: Great music! JAPAN :::::: I've just discovered your music. Wow, I really love it. JAPAN :::::: Saxophone and harp ... étranges préjugés (voir Kagel) FRANCE :::::: Interesting music here. like the tango song best . SWEDEN :::::: Very Impressive.. Your music is great.. please keep in touch.. USA penn :::::: please continue to create and radiate your music and message throughout the universe for that will, in turn, inspire me to do the same.... USA ::::::-------------------- Heya Elisabeth, enjoyed your tracks, interesting stuff never heard the harp been used in that way, how do you go about performing these songs live, do you use a laptop to playback some samples and stuff? any upcoming tours? cheers, phil UK :::::: Nice to know that people like you exist in this world! MEXICO ::::::> ::: compelling sounds!! xClio USA ny :::::: We enjoy your music very much. :) USA :::::: instant approval! USA :::::: great sounds and voices. AUSTRIA :::::
cool tunes; dig the innovation. USA ::::: These sounds are exquisite! USA california :::::: Awesome sounds and a damn fine voice. SCOTLAND :::::: I hope you understand these italian words : SEI GRANDE !!! 5ta3y ::::: fascinating songs...very haunting and evocative - brilliant! UK :::::: Great original music. UK :::::: Great, strange, "merkwürdig" but realy beautiful sounds for my ears, that you're doing!!! I LOVE SUCH THINGS!!! GERMANY :::::: Greeeat music!!!! NORWAY :::::: Wow!! Innovative and refreshing! NORWAY :::::: I like your stuff, what equipment/hardware/software do you use? (apart from the harp of course). UK :::::: great ssssoundsssss- Let it roll- with the heaven in your Soul! = AUSTRIA :::::: j'adore les experiences que tu as avec ton harpe FRANCE :::::: most of the songs make my brain drool. but i like it it it it ehhhhh USA illinois ::::: You've got some really weird great tracks. I love it. USA nevada :::::: Well you totally ROCK. USA new york :::::: Very cool universe you create! Temple Bell is my favorite USA california :::::: Very fascinating and unique music. GERMANY :::::: great music! POLAND :::::: I enjoy discovering your music, your electrics energies.<:font> FRANCE :::::: Your "easy" songs are beautiful. I like the way they change up. GREECE ::::::
I enjoyed listening to your songs ... fantastic music ... you're very talented !!! USA ::::: What interesting and original music you make! Great! > BRAZIL :::::: I like your music, it is gutsy and daring. More musicians need to take chances and make music like you do. > USA ::::: it is lovely to be here and special.. i truely enjoyed your works and the videos. > TURKEY :::::: sounds excellent. >> USA kansas :::::: got here very cool and original songs. awesome vocal performance. the harp sounds very interesting too... good stuff! > AUSTRIA :::::: Really nice&interesting sound work:) > UK :::::: really nice work... > GREECE :::::: Great songs! > JAPAN :::::: Great music. > ITALY :::::: ahhh, beautiful...thank you... peace > USA california :::::: What you do here is W O N D E R F U L!! UK :::::: your work is top quality > PORTUGAL :::::: welcome elisabeth, very beautiful voice! > ITALY :::::: Enchanting music, You're a great artist > ITALY ::::: You're very talented. > FRANCE :::::: your music nice.. > TURKEY :::::: The distorted harp tones are mindblowing and cool songs too.... Keep up the ex sounds! > CANADA :::::: Hey Elisabeth!! good music... beautiful, the tango beneath is wow!! Obrigado! > LEBANON :::::: This crazy of your music, it's fun to hear from you Well here that this gives me pleasure > MEXICO :::::: LOVE THIS MUSIC!! It's crazy enought to ipnotise me!And also very melodic... Just Great... > I really dig your music.. USA :::::: Your sound feels like a ethnic smells,solid pieces of sounds. Fill with sounds in our life together! JAPAN :::::: love your stuff badlly ISRAEL :::::: i like your soundsphere CHILI :::::: your music is very rich!!! FRANCE :::::: Love the music And the creative video's USA illinois :::::: Hi Elisabeth, thanks for sharing your amazing music with me. BRAZIL :::::: Love your music! Every song! Great sense of individuality to each:) USA michigan :::::: I'm impressed by the sound, darkness mood and nice songs! FRANCE :::::: Love your style ;-) UK :::::: What can I say you make really disturbin amazing music. Really good! Keep it up. FINLAND :::::: Great stuff by the way. NORWAY :::::: Very nice way to playing harp! FRANCE :::::: Your Sound is very Unique! Did you do programming your songs by yourself? And your song is Drumless-Music,too! That's very Unique!We think. Cheers from Japan! JAPAN :::::: interesting music! very dark i would say. i liked it a lot! keep up the good work! GREECE :::::: Elisabeth, I am humbled to be in the midst of such a Maestro! What wonderful sounds. I couldn't pull myself away from your tracks to read your bio. Thank you for the request. I am honored to be your friend. I put 'The dancer' on my profile, but now I have to add more pictures to my slide show to balance the songs length! I can deal with that. :-) USA oregon :::::: beautiful music! ITALY :::::: ottima musica molto "inspiring". A new, fresh, starting point for acoustic instruments and electronica ITALY :::::: Great voice! BULGARIA :::::: We've not known Electric Harp Sound. And we are glad to have know that sound in this place! Thank you! We saw your Web Page. And We saw your Video(not including Sound). JAPAN ::::::
Very haunting stuff. USA california :::::: "I don't know why, but I just love the song "The dancer" it's soo beautiful and great... YUGOSLAVIA :::::: I think you are such an amazing talent...I love every song...You are forever fixed on my top list...I can't believe you found me online... Your music is the type of music that inspires me...Visionaries... so beautiful....Being born in Lima, Peru so I was instantly drawn;]On the wet street..A favorite...Another time...fucken brilliant!Thanks again please let me know where i can purchase your work AND be kind enough to comment my page on links where to purchase your work.People need to become exposed to true art! USA california :::::: Elizabeth you are brilliant! (The 'Dancer' song is one of those pieces of music that just stays in the listen's head - fantastic and look forward to hearing more of your music this year). All the best Derek and everyone at Soki2u JAPAN ::::::
Thank you for introducing me into a very unusual, surrealistic world. And where a mystic voice narrating a dramatic story leads and hypnotizes me. RUSSIA :::::: brilliant...nothing else to say bout you except perhaps to repeat it a bit louder...BRILLIANT!! IRELAND :::::: You have a great voice, very striking; reminds me of the first time I heard Kate Bush. UK :::::: Wow!!! Your music blew me away? Thank God there are artists like you that make this world so rich and interesting. Pedro Crump Crump?s music available on iTunes and CD Baby COLOMBIA :::::: Great songs, outstanding voice and very nice way of handling effects and experimentations on the voices like in the dancer. Very Cool! Zulik MEXICO :::::: Hey Elisabeth! I love it when talented musicians experiment! Great stuff, so many possiblities! Canada ::::::: You got some interesting tunes; very Kate-Bushey. Keep up the good work! POLAND :::::: what awesome music you make! the combination of your voice and the electric harp.. creates a special kind of magic! GERMANY :::::: Whoa,I like your music! DeadCanDanceAliceColtranePortisheadNoirMixedWithYourOwnBrandOfMagic! Keep Creating USA florida :::::: Wonderful sounds on your space!!! ...and the videos are really great! ROMANIA :::::: Beautiful beautiful music & vocals. I love the use of electronics and ambience... I woke up this morning and found your sonic landscape: what a wonderful way to start my day! ITALY :::::: ...Truly experimental work, unique atmosphere... and, most of all, these are SONGS sung by a different & creative perspective. Power to the el.harp! UNFOLK ITALY :::::: your music is one of the best, keep going with many thanks take care, lee UK :::::: It's really good to know you! I really liked your "ayahuasqueros"... PURE TRANCE! ITALY :::::: your songs send the greatest chills down my spine. goose-flesh music. i'm sure your jams trigger lots of hair to stand upright. and that's quite an accomplishment. USA texas :::::: Your music and your voice sound like Siouxie and Diamanda Galas :) ITALY :::::: Awesome Stuff))))))A Breath of Fresh Air T. USA utah :::::: Your music is a magical cocoon of great vibrations and sounds. NORWAY :::::: Oh my god. Thats original. Yes, thats ORIGINAL. Soulboy GERMANY ::::::
you're music is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITALY :::::: May I say that your songs really stopped me in my tracks, they linger, they are beautiful. UK :::::: Amazing music & incredible music company..Love to be among them.. "The Dancer" is just a trip to the other side of mind.... GREECE :::::: Amazing tracks over here. « The essence of matter constituting the Univere is a soundwave that crystallizes into light" FRANCE :::::: Love your stuff It is wild and wonderful IRELAND :::::: Your songs are really great,very creative USA ny :::::: I like your dangerous sound very much FINLAND :::::: I love your music, your voice so much ! FRANCE :::::: I must say never heard anything quite like this. Beautiful and startlingly original. Exploration outbound beyond...RD USA louisiana :::::: love your work i'm a dancer is really fine massimo ITALY :::::: I'm impressed by your music and this original mix and world. It's rare. It's a real pleasure to discover you. France ::::: I have added your great song the dancer to my page FRANCE :::::: It's truly amazing what you can do with one harp. You have a beautifull voice also. NETHERLAND :::::: Love your musical universe! USA wisconsin :::::: Great music and special voice : i like !!! France :::::: What wonderful, unique music....just great! World-champion-class! GERMANY :::::: We like your musical aproach...great sound! FRANCE :::::: Your music is really interesting!! ITALY :::::: The music you make is very, very nice. ITALY ::::::
cariños mujer! excelente sonido... CHILI :::::: Really amazing stuff you have here!!! YUGOSLAVIA :::::: !very deep sound.great!its original! GERMANY :::::: Hello,it's very nice, So a beautiful voice... Beauty road to you. Suicide Andro FRANCE :::::: love the sound and your voice NORWAY :::::: sometimes I go through your site just to enjoed your music, wonderful and misterious as a labyrinth ITALY :::::: great voice and experimentation. ITALY :::::: All of your tracks are great! I really enjoyed the intricate details you put in your music. True talent deserves True success. USA georgia :::::: I've really enjoyed listen to your music!! GERMANY :::::: I had a wonderful experience going thru your magnetic sounds. the ayahuasqueros song really made me feel in the Kukulcan pyramid... I wish you all worlds greatest vibes, lots of success, happiness and peace at spirit.Your friend, Nicté MEXICO :::::: Hi! Beautiful voice and atmosphere, very original! I like ;-) ITALY :::::: you have a really unique voice i like it and i will watch your channel love from NY AUSTRIA :::::: very nice songs...unique music!!you're great!!!! GREECE :::::: We like your beautiful music!! Rock on!!! ITALY :::::: For me, the voice has to be good and original to interest me in vocal music... If the voice is not right, everything else just becomes irrelevant to me.. and I can't listen....and so it's nice to hear such an original voice set against such great music..I thoroughly enjoyed all four pieces.. UK :::::: Very nice to meet you and know the music. The songs I'm listening feel very crystal,sparkling and transparent indeed.Guess maybe your basic music sound. CHINA :::::: Great music with a unique voice! GERMANY :::::: Thank You for introducing me to your world of music and these excellent tracks. I really enjoyed them and you are very talented. Much continued success to you and your musical endeavors. Keep in touch. Take care, stay safe and "Keep Your Music Alive !" USA michigan :::::: Good music.So cool.I like your sounds. JAPAN :::::: nice soundscapes. unique voice. SWEDEN :::::: i love your sound.thanks for your music ITALY :::::: it is really a great plesure. Your music is very original and interesting. ITALY :::::: to compare you would defame.....thank you so much for the add and allowing me to experience your depth and sonic purity.......damn...sounds so 'twee' but absolutely heartfelt...thank you.....peace....Lally UK ::::::

Great music & has a haunting sound to it. AUSTRALIA::: Really like your stuff. UK::: Your music is very interesting and expresive. the sounds of your harp are awesome. MEXICO :::
11-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: we like your music IRELAND :::::: Your sounds are like a brilliant hybrid of alternative & experimental. Temple Bell and Tango are amazing compositions. A unique voice UK :::::: Strange and wonderful UK :::::: I LIKE YOUR SONGS UK :::::: beautiful songs! ITALY :::::: thank you for the the electric harp experience..You have a great sound and you play what you feel ... Lovely... ISRAEL :::::: fantastic music and the vocal! USA :::::: great music! GREECE :::::: great stuff here ! Cheers from Finland ! FINLAND :::::: very interesting sounds from your electric harp Judy UK :::::: I feel I have met a kindred spirit. Love & Peace. UK ::::: thank you so much! looking forward to hear more !> GERMANY :::::: Electric harp what a beautful thing very cool, Sending much respect back to you from the banks of the muddy Mississippi river, Your friend STEPHEN SCORFINA USA mississipi :::::: your music is aMUSEing, great, inspired, wonderful! YUGOSLAVIA :::::: Wild stuff Elisabeth thanks for sharing USA massachussetts :::::: your muzik iz very powerful. USA detroit :::::: Right on!Dig the vibe to your music!Very smooth and pretty!Well done! Peace USA washington :::::: your music is very great. LIVE SOLO - a Draft of Blues - electric harp + voice this is wonderfull BRAZIL :::::: electric harp + soul ; ) Very nice! DENMARK :::::: Very nice music, didn't have the time to listen to all of the tracks yet, but the "a draft of blues" video is amazing! GREECE :::::: Great voice, haunting ! MEXICO :::::: I dig your music and its nice to meet you in space..:-) Yeah..and we share some musicroot...and i see that you like the great adorable Linton Kewsi Johnson..:-) GERMANY :::::: Nice music,very cool. ITALY :::::: Excellent sound and great voice. It is a great pleasure to hear artists like you. ITALY :::::: that music on your page is that you because i really liked it! AUSTRALIA :::::: you have a good strong sound and good production in your mix your verry clever UK :::::: Great style! Nice tracks here, and you have a marvellous voice. Happy to be your friend. Bliss, NORWAY :::::: I like your songs, I'll come back for more. Cheers ITALY :::::: I love your work....very interesting, unique, and haunting...a lovely and unexpected surprise. France :::::: your music is very special, I like it a lot, hope to get a chance to see you playing, & best wishes! BELGIUM :::::: Thanks A Lot for connecting me!!! Honored! JAPAN :::::: A real pleasure to open the door of such a beautiful universe... France :::::: elizabeth, thank you! i enjoyed the videos. what extraordinary hands. memories came flooding in as i listened and viewed. inland empire...jimi hendrix...yoko ono...laurie anderson...alice coltrane...the sixties...mind altering consciousness...timeless...creative...experimental...adventure...reaching forward..backward...pulling...plucking...and finally "the Superstrings Theory" Have you heard of it? USA ny :::::: !!!SPASIBO!!! Hey......great music!!! RUSSIA :::::: very very cool music... makes me feel like flying! love on..... USA oklahoma :::::: I listen and appreciate your music. Bravo!! France :::::: thank you, dancer in the sky. greetings from sunny italy. ITALY :::::: Brillant voice and great sound! Pascale UK :::::: YOU sing amazing interesting &beautiful ISRAEL :::::: hello elisabeth, ilove it, creative music! that's what it's all about. everybody can tell that there was no suit n tie mid 30 ish lookin' corrupt idiot record executive anywhere near when you were recording!!!!!! more power to you RESPECT+LOVE+MUSIC=WORLDPEACE ROCK ON ELISABETH ERIC USA michigan ::::::
12 - :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
your tunes are really beautyful! ItALY :::::: I love what you do Elisabeth! I'm honoured to be in your list. Stay in touch. Kireina SPAIN :::::: your project is REALLY interesting... ITALY :::::: uauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ITALY :::::: i had to take my dictionary : singular, innute, crooked (?) mystical-pop with a wonderful voice. uff. in german it would be easier. i visited also your web-site and give you back the same respect. and many much more. by the way - the guitars are always harps ? jungejunge. really experimental, stuff. but also harmonic, in pieces. GERMANY :::::: Hey, really good music. It actually transported me. CHILI :::::: You make fantastic music, I really like it! JT SWEDEN :::::: your music is really interesting Impressive! :::::: your music is fantastic! GREECE :::::: WOW AWESOME MUSIC :-) Thanks for your Friend Request It is truly an Honor :-) I will be back again for More :-) All The Best! Jim aka eX1 USA california :::::: Your musique make me feel good, as in beautiful dream. Bastet FRANCE :::::: have great art...colors dancing in the sun for you... g. :) ITALY :::::: Proud to be your friend. Your music is lovely. Rafael Quevedo -Cuban composer and singer- CUBA :::::: Great sounds & songs! Proud to be a friend! GERMANY :::::: I really like your music!great work!:))) PORTUGAL :::::: Très intense le son chez vous! J'ai vraiment aimé! Je repasserai bien entendu! BELGIUM ::::: Elisabeth Valletti is original ! CANADA :::::: Thanks for the wonderful music. USA ohio :::::: good music, very inspired ! FRANCE :::::: J'aime beaucoup votre univers étrange et envoutant ! Belle découverte Joël FRANCE :::::: any friend of alice coltrane is my friend BELGIUM :::::: GREAT STUFF ELISABETH......... UK :::::: You have some different stuff here and different is always very good. We love the harp. Glad to be friends!! Bitewing PORTUGAL :::::: Your music is special Elisabeth... very nice.. NORWAY :::::: I really enjoy your "Temple Bell." I like the balance of playful and gritty--great! USA california :::::: WOW!! Ive never heard a harp sound that way before, the way you play and sing, definately gives out a powerful feeling. Peace love and blessings kck UK :::::: wonderful music! CROATIA :::::: I listen your tunes, great style!! I listen your tunes, great style!! Benvenuta anytime!! ITALY :::::: Awesome music scapes.Thank you for sharing your magic with us.Cheers,HC USA :::::: Great Work, Great Vibe.. If Communication is the Way to Freedom, Music is the Best form of Comunication Dj Lynx (FreshBreak) PORTUGAL ::::: Interesting music, interesting page... Siri : GERMANY :::::: Excellent! Many feelings inside your tracks.. GREECE :::::: Nice page, very interesting music here, beautiful tunes and singing. =D & ;-D FRANCE :::::: woooooooow! people that do such great music are always welcome in the world of exoskeletons and magical plants. really wonderful tunes! i like "ayahuasqueros" best :D GERMANY :::::: it sounds amazing!! GREECE :::::: LoVya&YoUr trippppppyMusic 2muCh!!! CROATIA :::::: Love the music!!! UK :::::: Wonderfull music Elisabeth very strong,pure Dream GERMANY :::::: your music is definitely cool... thank yo uso much!!! Keep in touch!! Bea. SPAIN :::::: cool sound! USA south carolina :::::: GREAT MUSIC WORKS! I love Your Music! Check out My very good Friend Jeanette Solén. You are very like. Roine. SWEDEN :::::: You have some pretty interesting stuff ! Cool website too.. I don't think I ever knew of someone exploring the possibilities of one instrument the way you do- is there anyone? UK :::::: very nice music! RUSSIAN FEDERATION :::::: Haley. Very beautiful, sensitive sounds you cretated. GERMANY ::::::
13 - :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Hello my new and very talented friend.Jx UK :::::: Oh yes, oh yes. USA alabama :::::: REALLY BEAUTIFUL... I..M YOUR FANS VENEZUELA :::::: i'd really love to see a live performance FRANCE :::::: Nice to discover your music FRANCE :::::: Congratulations with the amazing music you've created yourself! BELGIUM :::::: Oooo, finally a very experimental girl music project! I like!!!!!!! Ciao from CATTOLICA -RN- ITALY freak70s ITALY :::::: I really enjoyed your songs! GERMANY :::::: we like your music!amazing sounds you got ITALY ::::::

14 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
there is a string theorizing in my mind,,,,right now! very cool stuff! elisabeth,,,,your music is the proof of string theory,,,,case closed! USA new york :::::: wonderfully unique singing and arrangements! Very glad to meet you! USA missouri :::::: . I LOVE your music. It's on the edge with a beautiufl lyrical intensity. The processed harp is great and your voice (it is you singing I hope!) sounds like Marianne Faithful at her best. Keep up the great work! USA new york :::::: i have never heard the harp quite like this before.. really nice music. are you doing harp, vocals and the other aspects? USA oregon :::::: Your music is unique and easy to listen to. USA arizona :::::: i like, it reminds me of a voodoo cocteau twinsx UK :::::: Nice to hear something different sounds for a change! keep on jamming.. >8? FINLAND :::::: Thanx 2 u Beth, beautiful music ITALY :::::: Original and good sonorities FRANCE :::::: very nice work. USA texas :::::: your music is somethin' else! Canada :::::: tasty at all. GERMANY :::::: somethin' new in my friendships!!! nice sound! ITALY :::::: Cool stuff... and nice sounds! Especially, "The Dancer". Keep going with the good work. USA new york :::::: You make really great music! SWEDEN :::::: Enjoyed your music! I like the originality of your sound it's very interesting to listen to. USA new york :::::: Very cool music you have up here! USA :::::: Had a listen to your sounds, very delicious, very digestible by the ears. We like you? We like you a lot? Yours, Captain Bagley, Omnia Opera? UK :::::: Such interesting music! UK :::::: Your music is the perfect cure for Mondays. USA washington :::::: Nice to hear a female singer doing something a bit different. UK :::::: Great song! BRAZIL :::::: Your music is wonderful. USA oregon :::::: Interesting sounds here FRANCE :::::: Thanks a lot for this beautiful music... FRANCE :::::: Just love your music.... USA texas :::::: Hermosa música y hermosa tu voz; un abrazo desde México, de todos Los Soneros... GRACIAS! MEXICO :::::: Nice job on the tunes. USA ohio :::::: nice sounds there, the dancer is fantastic SWEDEN :::::: Eye apppreate the sound of your music_ GERMANY :::::: You opened a new sight of music to me. AUSTRALIA :::::: i like the music You play. sounds great. it is all around now :) see: and POLAND :::::: I like your music. JAPAN :::::: we love your songs FRANCE :::::: Very interesting music FRANCE :::::: Your tunes are so original, I love it. FRANCE :::::: beautiful lenguage. hermoso lenguaje.. ayahuasqueros 4 life. BOLIVIA :::::: really nice and intersting music GREECE :::::: Ton univers est trés étrange,j'aime beaucoup,ta voix est super. FRANCE :::::: This is really mysterious stuff. Truly courageous.. UK :::::: You rock! USA :::::: this is great stuff. USA massachussetts :::::: Cool tracks. Your music is quite unusual. SPAIN ::::::
15 - :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
I like "Temple Bell" very much. ARIGATO! JAPAN :::::: mexico.. ::: your music is different...odd emotions it's great keep on the great work ;) stay in touch ... GREECE :::::: your songs are amazing! may i ask what equipment you're putting your harp through to make these sounds? thanks. AUSTRALIA :::::: We had a listen to Ayahuasqueros, playing tennis on my Wii unit... We really fancy your music, and I think I will add it to my page. Maybe this could be a very good tune to put on my backstage videos... FRANCE :::::: your universe sounds amazingly familiar (seems that we have walls in common between our houses) greetings from the SuperKitchenMagikStudio FRANCE :::::: fantastic work ! Really love what you're doing and by listening and watching you there are coming up plenty of ideas in my head . BELGIUM :::::: Cool! Out on the edge, always pushing the limits. USA georgia ::::: Way cool, Elisabeth!!! This is something I long to see live! SWEDEN :::::: i really like your music. SPAIN :::::: I love your style...great compositions! Unique. SWITZERLAND :::::: I listened to your Tracks and "Aya huas queros" is our favourite Song it's nice to be in your circle... GERMANY :::::: Amazing!!! I loved your music! Thanks!! BRAZIL :::::: your voice attitude is so cool. JAPAN :::::: love your music, great to hear such unique sounds together...keep us in the loop! UK ::::::
16 - :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
I add one of your songs to my profile. Well, I am happy to have meet you and really impresse for your music, I didnt know you were the one who play the harp in your songs. And your website is amazing. SPAIN :::::: Amazing work you do Elisabeth USA illinois :::::: Cool music, really unique sounds. UK :::::: ONLY TO SAY THAT I LOVE YOUR MUSIC SPAIN :::::: Very special sound. GERMANY :::::: really fascinating and beautiful tunes, I enjoyed them a lot:)) ITALY :::::: very inspirative here,the string theory I like it YUGOSLAVIA :::::: your music is very interesting, i really like. France :::::: Great Music! USA new york :::::: cool vibration in your music... ITALY :::::: You are really original. Keep it going that way! FINLAND :::::: really awesome music! USA california :::::: Hey, I like Temple Bell. Really good flying music. ANTARTICA :::::: I really appreciate your songwriting ITALY :::::: Compliment for your music... molto interessante!!!! ITALY :::::: I really enjoyed your music, is very interesting, and it sounds great! Your voice is so beatiful.. Stay in touch, Cheers from Cordoba City , Argentina, Planet Earth. ARGENTINA :::::: What a wonderful sound you have. I love it! USA new york :::::: You had me at the 1st 20 seconds of Ayahuasqueros. USA iowa :::::: Interesting music. Keep it up! :) TCHECK REPUBLIC ::::::
17 - :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
your music is wonderful.. ITALY :::::: Your music is so wonderful. Thank you. USA california :::::: so glad to hear your music - wow! UK :::::: happy to know your intriguing voice and your oblique songs. ITALY :::::: beautiful songs USA louisiana :::::: fantastic!!!! I love your music, great sound making. JAPAN :::::: La tua musica è molto interessante, è una porta che si apre su un nuovo mondo da esplorare. ITALY :::::: Your music made me a happy feeling. You are great. JAPAN ::::: your voice is beautiful ARGENTINA :::::: are wonderful! great music here USA :::: I love your music! USA pennsylviana :::::: very strange music. never heard anything quite like it. I'm glad you found me. i'll be sure to pass this on. CANADA :::::: I just finished listening to your songs & I like what I hear - very unique - great sound & vocals. USA pennsylvania :::::: LOVE YOUR SOUNDSA M A Z I N G/ STRINGS DOMINANT/ LOTS O SCOPE 2 XPAND IN VOICE AREAS/ AUSTRALIA :::::: Your music is beautiful. Keep up the good tunes. USA new york :::::: very interesting sounds. USA virginia :::::: Nice voice & cool sound! Your music is really great. I like it. JAPAN :::::: Hey elisabeth - really dig your style. Why haven't I heard of an electric harp before! Moveover Kate Bush. x Alex IRELAND :::::: Great work on this page ! BELGIUM :::::: very beautiful sound :-) ITALY :::::: you sound great...its my pleasure....stay on the sunny side of the street.... CUBA :::::: Your music is quite something.... It sounds really awesome. BRUNEI ::: ::: Dear Elisabeth, really I have to thank you, because you make me discover your music, that I find original, strong, really creative, new. My best compliments! Nice to know you, and keep in contact! Hugs, Alessandro ITALY :::::: By all means, please come to Japan to play. JAPAN :::::: Your music just reflects an open & adventurous mind. Hat off for your musical work! BELGIUM :::::: every track here is staggering! looking forward to the CDs we'll be back UK :::::: Really enjoyed listening to your wonderful music, cheers!< USA :::::: beautiful sound & music. nobuyuki nakajima JAPAN :::::: compliments for your works! ITALY :::::: Great vocal USA california :::::: Your music is unique and elaborate Hats off to you! BRAZIL :::::: great sounds, beautiful sounds! likeitlikeitlikeit! cheers fritz UK :::::: fantastic sounds UK :::::: beautiful and mysterious sound. i like your music! JAPAN :::::: like ur tunes. it's really unique. very dark and mysterious. GERMANY what a fine artist you are! Portugal :::::: i really like your music UK :::::: good stuff. tour? UK ::::::
18 - :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
it's good to be here. Great ethereal tunes. Laurie Anderson fan? AUSTRALIA :::::: you have nice and interesting sound!!! ITALY :::::: interesting stuff IRELAND :::::: veerrry coool! WOOF! USA :::::: thanks for sharing ure music (that i like) France TURKMENISTAN :::::: Troll likes to tango. UK :::::: interesting sounds! JAPAN :::::: fantastic music! keep it coming! USA california :::::: I went to the website to check out your music. I Love the songs. Great songwriting and excellent vocal work!!! Creative and Interesting material, I like it. Play on, Play on. USA florida :::::: indeed, difficult to describe your music. reminds me of some stuff i used to listen to or still do sometimes, but i don't dare to name names. although not exactly my cup of tea, the impression is definitely positive ROMANIA ::::: i was listen every one of your songs and i want to tell you that i love's always a pleasure find so great musiscians like you. thanks for make so good music!!! .. > SPAIN :::::: Luv your music & athmos... ITALY :::::: You make the most extraordinary beautiful music i had to listen for so long time now... Your work reminds me of some works of Zeena Parkins! Keep up the good job; it makes me so optimistic for the future of tomorrow's music listening to artists like you; it just fills me with hope... GREECE :::::: wow....this is excellent stuff, Elisabeth..I am very impressed, right now. Your production, with all this crazy panning, is just great. Nice work!! USA oregon :::::: amazing amazing amazing ! USA oklahoma :::::: Really interesting stuff. Love it USA :::::: beautiful music, Elisabeth! GERMANY :::::: beautiful USA massachussetts :::::: Enjoying your music! USA :::::: Very interesting and original work here. All your efforts are repaid when your work touches others. SCOTLAND :::::: awesome imagination!! Thank you for the ride, if you ever need or want someone to colaborate with I would love to be on board!! USA pennsylvania ::::::
19 - :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
I really dig what you're doing - some amazing new ideas and sounds for sure! CANADA :::::: Greetings, Elisabeth! Really amazing stuff! USA michigan :::::: Beautiful. FINLAND :::::: like your sounds, songs and extavagance styl! NETHERLAND :::::: Music is the key--Make Music---Not War! Looking foward to hearing more of your music. USA california :::::: your world is wonderful and your music is like a dream, i would listen again and again and dream and never wake up... For a while you made me dream of beautiful things...thanks so much. FRANCE :::::: Very space music but very original "search"... FRANCE ::::: You have great stuff going on, your music sounds very interesting! FINLAND :::::: nice unconventional sound Portugal :::::: thanks for the friendship and your precious Music I wish you Joy and Inspiration ITALY :::::: you have nice voice and a very nice music, SPAIN :::::: great tunes. Canada :::::: I also listened the other parts of your Classical Suite. My narrow (Finnish) vocabulary is not best suited to describe your creations, but phrases like fresh breath and pleasureable tension comes to mind. FINLAND :::::: great sound d^-^ Keep it coming! JAPAN :::::: Great music!!! JAPAN :::::: Your music is very interesting and I don't say that very often. Keep it up. USA california :::::: ohh, strange... but coooool! GERMANY ::::::
20 - :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
You have a great sound there. Keep going and never give up. USA michigan ::::: 49machines connect very much with your sound and the atmospheres of your long time work and experience: Will look at yr visual work and the rest of your music on yr sites.Be in touch. UK :::::: ME GUSTA BASTANTE TU MÚSICA. SPAIN :::::: your music is very very beautiful tanks for your music. SPAIN :::::: you've a really nice songs and I'm honoured to be your friend ITALY :::::: Like your voice.. it is raw!!!! DENMARK :::::: compliments for the music i like this misteryous you like Sakamoto ? ITALY :::::: good for my system. Your tunes and songs are so great, I like your experienced harp DENMARK :::::: This is really excellent what you have here, really good unique music. FINLAND :::::: outstanding stuff particularily like slapharp! new genre fff UK :::::: I really like "The Dancer" - Great !!! AUSTRIA :::::: I listened to all of your tracks... Love your music. What a style, I must say!!! USA ny :::::: I've never heard such a use for this instrument in such a music style Cool and interesting :) FRANCE :::::: i like what you're doing here. very nice work. USA :::::: Thank you, quite some thing you 've got going on, I like it! BELGIUM :::::: very very beautifull sounds. i was specialy listening and enjoying "Ayahuasqueros", these days i' m reading Jeremy Narby and his books which speaks about nature and shamans. So i was very interested....59 FRANCE ::::::: beautiful songs... GERMANY :::::: Maybe i'll come see one of your shows in the U.K. sometime USA texas :::::: compliments for your music. veramente interessante buon lavoro-good work ITALY :::::: Very, very interesting music. ITALY :::::: Amazing music. I love The Dancer. UK :::::: Really enjoy your musical style, it has an Eastern flair to it. I never knew a harp could sound like that. USA michigan :::::: To my ears your world of music is great ! SWEDEN ::::::


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